Our Story

Dog Dynamics + Alliance Protection Dogs

Our team is the fruit of a shared vision to help dogs attain their full potential as both protectors and beloved family members.

Alliance Protection Dogs is owned by Quentin and Stephane Brier, a family with three generations devoted to training protection dogs in France.

Located in Northern California, Dog Dynamics, Inc. has built strong relationships between people and their dogs since 1989. Dog Dynamics provides many types of dog training services including board and train programs, private instruction, group classes, and online training options. The Dog Dynamics team is composed of trainers highly-skilled in obedience and agility training, protection sports, and behavior modification.

Together, we have created the ultimate partnership to deliver only world-class, highly-trained protection dogs to the right clients within the United States.

Here is how it happened:

Bonnie began studying with the Briers in 2016. In 2021 she spent a month with them in France to broaden her training techniques and train her own dogs for French Ring Sport. She saw the results of Quentin and Stephane’s focused, calm training. It is a talent to understand each dog as an individual and communicate effectively. It is exemplary when trainers can transfer this skill to another person to help them succeed with their own dog.

The relationship quickly grew from a professional acquaintance, to friends, to family. It didn’t take long for the idea to occur to Bonnie to bring the unique Alliance touch to the United States.

The partnership was born. Alliance Protection Dogs are now available in the United States and Dog Dynamics, Inc. provides the necessary ongoing support. We have created the best protection dog experience on the market. Until now, our style of protection dog concierge service was nearly unheard-of.

What does this mean for you?

Dog Dynamics’ award-winning team will guide you through the buying process and offer ongoing, expert training for you and your protection dog. When you buy from Alliance Protection Dogs, we will help you pick a dog that is right for your family and lifestyle. After you meet and then select a protection dog, we make sure your dog will have the obedience and tailored training you require to feel safe and secure.