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Let’s create security and peace of mind in your life with a protection dog hand-selected and custom-trained for your needs.

Let’s Find a Personal Protection Dog That’s a Perfect Fit for You and Your Family!

Are you ready to find the ideal protection dog for your lifestyle? The Alliance team will help you select the right match out of our available protection dogs. Our process begins with a brief consultation call to determine which of our dogs may be a good fit.

Begin by filling out the form and tell us a little bit about your story. Let us know your situation and why you would like to own a protection dog. Once we receive your message, one of the Alliance team members will reach out to connect and learn more.

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What Happens Next?

Once we’ve matched you with the right dog, we’ll fine-tune their skillset so they’ll be ready to join your family.

We’re committed to the health, happiness, and safety of the dogs we train and the people we serve. Please understand that we only sell to clients willing to work with us to find the dog that will achieve fulfillment and success in their new home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I be aware of while buying a personal protection dog?

You should always buy from a company that is transparent and can prove the source of the dogs they sell. Many “protection dogs” are retired police dogs or simply angry animals given minimal training or none at all. Those dogs are a liability and a nuisance and are just as likely to bite a friend as they would a threat to you, your property, or family.

Also, be sure that the company you buy from trains their dogs in obedience in addition to defense. These two training elements are essential. Without obedience, defense is dangerous. Without defense, obedience is impotent.

And finally, protection dogs make great family companions and can be easily integrated into your everyday life. Their mental stability allows them to know how to react in different scenarios and access each one differently. However, because your dog will be performing a function for you and your family, a relationship that includes boundaries, respect, and understanding is paramount. You’re not buying a pair of shoes – these are living, breathing, feeling creatures that need to feel a sense of connection and respect with those who they protect. We help you with creating this relationship and learning about the distinctions between scenarios in order to make your protection dog experience a success.

Will your dogs be friendly with my family, including children?

A good protection dog should be as eager to be around your whole family, including young children as they are to deter an intruder in your home.

Will my purchase be private?

We pride ourselves in maintaining the privacy of our customers. Unless you tell us otherwise, your purchase will be completely confidential.

Will the dog bond with my family and I?

Absolutely. Every bit of loyalty that the dog has for us we will transfer to you. Soon, through bonding exercises such as structured play and obedience practice, your dog will see you (and your family) as their primary pack.

What is the difference between a guard dog and a protection dog?

These terms are often confused. A guard dog is nothing but teeth and bark on a leash. They’re not trained to be a member of your family, nor do they have the training to differentiate friends from enemies. They’re often more of a liability than a solution to the problem that you have. A protection dog, on the other hand, is trained not to protect indeterminately, but instead to pay attention to your cues.

What makes a good protection dog?

Many factors contribute to a good protection dog, but the essentials are:

Environmental / Mental Stability: Your protection dog needs to be stable around people who are not a threat. For example, kids or various individuals in public locations. All of our dogs are trained in various environments to prepare them for their future as protection dogs.

Situational Intelligence: The ability to analyze a situation and react appropriately. For example, say your dog is resting in the living room. If someone your dog knows enters the room, your dog will recognize this person as a friend. If it is not someone your dog knows, your dog will act differently. Your dog will be more aware and watchful of the new person. And then, once your dog assesses the situation, your dog will then look for your permission to act.

All of our protection dogs are trained for situational intelligence.

Synergy: You want a protection dog that will bond with your family and therefore be a better protector. Dogs who are trained with proper communication and relationship building are quickly able to form an alliance with you and your family. You will feel safer in a stressful situation by being able to rely on the connection you have with your dog . In turn, your dog will feel helpful in making your walks and home life more peaceful. It’s a win-win for both parties

Do you train retired police dogs into protection dogs?

This is a common practice in our industry with low-quality sellers. However, all of our dogs are either raised and trained from puppy to adult, or chosen from vetted protection dog breeders to ensure the best training and results. Retired police dogs, while often good dogs, lack the training that would make them safe and in-control to the degree necessary to be a personal protection dog.

How can the dog distinguish between my friends and enemies?

In short, because you yourself can make that distinction. Your protection dog is trained to be in sync with how you’re feeling. If you’re afraid, they’ll be predisposed to protect. If you’re calm and relaxed with a guest or family member, they’ll be that way as well. A protection dog’s first job is to pay attention to you and your surroundings, not just to attack. That’s how they’re able to differentiate between what’s a real threat and what is not.

Can I call my dog off once it's in protection mode?

Your dog will be trained to be in control by you, and that includes when they have been told to protect.

Where do you source your dogs?

Our dogs are carefully selected from tried and tested French working lines that we have a close relationship with. This allows us to have a complete picture of the dogs’ temperaments. We also have a breeding program where we select and train the dogs that are suitable for our protection dog training program

Will my dog be able to go with me on outings (such as camping, hiking, biking, running, etc)?

Yes! Your protection dog will be fully trained for public environments and would be delighted to accompany you on any sort of outing.

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Our vision is a world where you never fear for your person, property, or family. We’ll help you create this sense of security through a highly-trained and stable protection dog tailored to your specific needs.


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